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Sabre Tactical Associate Program
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The purpose of the Sabre Tactical Associate Program is to promote the highest quality CAR Live-fire Classes offered by Independent CAR Instructors.

Prospective Members

Current independent CAR Instructors holding a Certificate from Paul Castle, Jeff Johnsgaard or Gary Belanger. Firearms Instructors actively pursuing a CAR Instructor Certificate.

Member Benefits

  • Listing on CAR Instructor Page (includes separate Instructor web page if requested)
  • CAR Live-fire Classes with Class Registration option advertised on
  • Instructor Access to Sabre Tactical Support Website
  • Unique Coupon Code for offering a $10 discount on the CAR eLearning Course
  • A $10 referral fee will be paid to the Instructor for each time their Coupon Code is used to purchase the CAR eLearning Course
  • Customized eLearning Certs (Instructor info included)
  • Use of Sabre Tactical Associate Program Logo


$200.00 per year

Please use our Contact Form to request an Application

Sabre Tactical Associates

Jeff Johnsgaard
CAR Master Instructor

Gary Belanger
CAR Master Instructor

Team 3 Tactical
CAR Training

Douglas Dean
CAR Instructor

Brent Thompson
CAR Instructor

Simone Russo
CAR Instructor

Monty Edge
CAR Instructor

Gregory M. Vecchi Ph.D.
CAR Instructor

Dan Ashmore
CAR Instructor

Please use our Contact Form for any questions

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