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Paul Castle lived a life of service as a police officer with a career which spanned over 30 years on two continents. Paul always had a passion for training and especially for firearms training. He continually sought out the latest technologies and tactics to help save lives. Paul was described by many as a visionary and ahead of his time.

Paul was the main creator of the Center Axis Relock (CAR) System of firearms usage. Paul tried to teach and pass the CAR System on to as many responsible people as he could because he truly believed the system has and would continue to save lives. A few years before his early death in 2011 due to cancer, Paul officially declared Jeff Johnsgaard to be the CAR Systems heir in order to ensure people knew there was an official source for the CAR System in the future. Jeff started Natural Tactical Systems (NTS) in 2009 with Paul’s endorsement. NTS is now the primary source for CAR System training and related resources. The CAR eLearning Course will be available from NTS in the very near future. The NTS website -

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