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Welcome to Sabre Tactical, LLC.

Major structural changes are now being implemented for Sabre Tactical, LLC.

Jeff Johnsgaard and Gary Belanger have been appointed as Regional Directors for all Sabre Tactical Operations in North America.

Additional Regional Directors as well as all Certified CAR Instructors will be added soon.

These highly skilled and dedicated professionals have teamed with Sabre Tactical to continue on with Paul Castle’s vision of providing the most innovative and cost effective firearms training available - The CAR System.

IPD Systems eLearning Course allows Students to develop an operational understanding of the principles of the CAR System. Students are able to learn at their own pace, when and where they choose and at a very reasonable cost. On-line testing, Certificates of Completion and interactive on-line support from available CAR Master Instructors will be included. Web-based live and interactive Classes and Seminars are planned.

CAR Training Classes currently open for Student enrollment are listed HERE.

The CAR eLearning Course can be purchased (in US currency) at the following link:

The new video format for the CAR eLearning Course will be available soon. Access from iPhones and iPads will be available with this new format. An App will be available for interactive components of the Course. The Course exam will be embedded. All Students purchasing the PDF version of the Course will be able to download the new version at no additional cost.


CAR Training Classes currently open for Student enrollment are listed HERE.

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